Abbey Yacoe

Miyuki Blois

Abbey Yacoe
Miyuki Blois

Some bits:

I am, as Diane Ackerman describes, a "sensuist - someone who rejoices in sensory experience."

I love being transported through time by indulging in certain delicate fragrances. I love touching. I love those brief moments when I notice something is reflecting off of it the entire spectrum. I love skin. I love details. I love you, whoever you are.

I believe that people can subconsciously feel what you think about them, particularly when they are in the same room, but especially when they are staring into each other's eyes (a sort of silent, perhaps subconscious form of communication I do not fully comprehend at the moment).

I leave little notes for myself so that I don't forget that there is always a light.

I can often smell the changes in the air when people and objects breathe into it their words, thoughts, and intentions of positivity. What we hear, what we speak, what we think, what we create - the very "words" uttered or thought by every individual, every creature, every object, are recorded permanently in space/time. There is a rippling effect in the atmosphere.

I believe that everyone can be saved if they just remember (for they may have only temporarily forgotten) the music that they were born from. 

I think that the most important thing to always remember is that you are currently in the perfect situation, and are always loved and guided and protected. It could not be any better than right now.

I'm sorry if you cannot always understand me but I will always love you forever.


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