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اشتباه خوب (Good Mistake)

by Bahram Nouraei

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Called as one of the 50 people shaping the culture of the Middle East, by Huffington Post, Bahram Nouraei challenges the dominant artistic, cultural and philosophical consensus of the Iranian society. He constantly pushes himself out of his comfort zone to reach his own understanding of creativity in conscious hip hop music.

His most recent album “Good Mistake” is the first Iranian concept album ever made, using reverse chronology as the storytelling technique. The album includes 11 tracks connected together by 5 skits which are real sounds designed to help the listeners contextualize the story based on their own mental associations. The self-released album “Good Mistake” is published through all digital music channels on 4th of July 2015 and ranked #4 on Billboard’s Top World Albums Chart.

Bahram’s first breakthrough hit was a controversial single track called “Nameyee Be Rayees Jomhoor” (Letter To The President) written in the form of an open letter addressing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad directly and criticizing his policies explicitly in the political repression in Iran in 2007. 

His widely successful debut album, “24 Saat” (24 Hours), known for its reflective and empathetic lyrics, released in August 2008 including 9 tracks such as “Inja Irane” (Here’s Iran) which is called “A powerful commentary on modern-day of Iran”, byRolling Stone.

In March 2009 Bahram spent one week in Evin prison accused for illegal cultural activity but luckily set free and started to work on his next project “Sokoot” (Silence) which is published in 2011. A smooth musical collage containing samples from Iranian traditional music fused with old school hip hop grooves followed by cultural and artistic references to some of the most notable Iranian modern poets such as Ahmad Shamloo and Forough Farrokhzad. He also challenged himself to create abstract hip hop in the track “Khorshid Khanoom” (Lady Sunshine) which is written in the form of a metaphoric monologue with the sun in a chronological order.

He moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 and this was the inception of the Good Mistake. A lyrical introspection which is not only made to make the change happen but it’s the change itself. A metaphoric confrontational dialog between the heart as the symbol of feelings and the brain as the symbol of logic. 

Good Mistake (in Persian: اشتباه خوب) is called “A masterpiece which tells a story that calls for consciousness, change and challenging old beliefs”, by Mideast Tunes. This project is also followed by a digital artbook (designed by Setareh Malekzadeh) including 11 abstract artworks aimed to create visual interpretations of the album.

Bahram Nouraei presents Good Mistake, a sonic psychedelic movie of the chaotic world inside.